Minion Friends Launch ‘Friendship Seat’ at Assembly


Thanks to Robyn and the Sustainability Team for arranging for the new seats. A special thanks for the assembly presentation, especially the dancing Minions (do you know who they were??). The seats will soon be placed in the yard. The SWB Team will outline the use of them in more detail soon. As Robyn did, it is good to make connections to the newsletter article about friendship and to have some discussions in your class about being a good friend and helping others in need of a friend.

FRIENDSHIP CHAIRS A Message from Robyn Smith
I had the great pleasure of unveiling one of our new
Friendship Seats at assembly on Monday (with a
little help from my ‘friends’). The 4 seats are being
installed around the school at the moment and teachers
will discuss the role of the seats within our Student
Engagement and Wellbeing program.
Last week’s newsletter carried an article relating to the
difficulty some children have in making and keeping
friends, it is not always something that comes naturally
and so some children need a little help.
Children will be encouraged to use the seats if they find
themselves without/in need of a friend. Yard duty
teachers and student leaders will be keeping an eye
out, so a friendly face will be around to assist where
A huge thank you must go to REPLAS, a company that
recycles plastic bags/scrunchable plastics into
wonderful outside furniture, bollards, decking, fences
and a lot more. They have been fantastic to deal with
and were able to supply the seats within our tight
budget. Check out their website: you
won’t be disappointed.
Another thank you must go to our Sustainability Team
(past and present) for their never ending support and
hard work, and especially to Kelli Brogan and our 2015
Choir for the Nude Food Music Video that won the
money to cover the cost of the seats.
Robyn Smith – Sustainability Team Leader. PS Don’t
forget to keep recycling those plastic bags!

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